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A Trip to At Home…

A new store called At Home opened near my house recently.  I had no idea what this store was about but curiosity was piqued after my daughter went by and loved it and then my mother said she went by and bought a few things.

So today, after spending several hours with my daughter and our wedding planners (my daughter is getting married in April next year – more on that in a later post), we decided to check it out together.  There are still a number of empty spaces in the store  – some shelves are empty and waiting to be filled – but their Christmas items are out in full force and everything is color coordinated and presented by theme.

Since we were in wedding mode, we found a number of items in burlap in the Christmas section that will work nicely for my daughter’s wedding.  We made a note of those items and continued our exploration.  Then suddenly…I spotted an entire shelf unit of Mexican pottery!  YES!!!  Score!!!  So beautiful!!!!  And now I must have them…

IMG_7591These pottery items are rather large but I can see them gracing my deck next spring with lovely plants.  I can also see them on my front doorstep on either side of my front door.  So many possibilities…  Of course, this store now has my full attention since they carry Mexican pottery.  I’m just hoping they will continue to get a nice selection and a variety as the seasons change.  Time will tell, and I’ll be checking on them!

IMG_7592 IMG_7593 IMG_7594

IMG_7595Of course, when I’m with my daughter (or any of my kids), we have a great time cutting up and today was no exception.  Down one aisle, we spotted some New York storage boxes that looked like suitcases.  This immediately bought the musical “Singing in the Rain” to our minds and the song “Broadway Melody” where Gene Kelly struts across a stage swinging his suitcases and singing “gotta dance!”   My daughter decided to recreate the scene and of course, I got a photo of it!  Oh…and I think I forgot to mention that it’s not unusual for me and my girls  to break into song at the drop of a hat.  It gets especially crazy when I’m with my sisters!  I love that this has carried over to my kids!

On our way out of the store, we passed the colorful Christmas trees again.  I remember our family having an aluminum Christmas tree when I was growing up in Puerto Rico.  My mother would put it on the marble coffee table and then place a four color wheel light next to it.  Well, now you can apparently get these trees in multiple colors!  My daughter found one in purple, her favorite color, and of course now she wants one.  The trick will be to convince her future husband that this is the tree for them!  This should be interesting…


Did I mention it was a fun day??!!!