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A Trip to At Home…

A new store called At Home opened near my house recently.  I had no idea what this store was about but curiosity was piqued after my daughter went by and loved it and then my mother said she went by and bought a few things.

So today, after spending several hours with my daughter and our wedding planners (my daughter is getting married in April next year – more on that in a later post), we decided to check it out together.  There are still a number of empty spaces in the store  – some shelves are empty and waiting to be filled – but their Christmas items are out in full force and everything is color coordinated and presented by theme.

Since we were in wedding mode, we found a number of items in burlap in the Christmas section that will work nicely for my daughter’s wedding.  We made a note of those items and continued our exploration.  Then suddenly…I spotted an entire shelf unit of Mexican pottery!  YES!!!  Score!!!  So beautiful!!!!  And now I must have them…

IMG_7591These pottery items are rather large but I can see them gracing my deck next spring with lovely plants.  I can also see them on my front doorstep on either side of my front door.  So many possibilities…  Of course, this store now has my full attention since they carry Mexican pottery.  I’m just hoping they will continue to get a nice selection and a variety as the seasons change.  Time will tell, and I’ll be checking on them!

IMG_7592 IMG_7593 IMG_7594

IMG_7595Of course, when I’m with my daughter (or any of my kids), we have a great time cutting up and today was no exception.  Down one aisle, we spotted some New York storage boxes that looked like suitcases.  This immediately bought the musical “Singing in the Rain” to our minds and the song “Broadway Melody” where Gene Kelly struts across a stage swinging his suitcases and singing “gotta dance!”   My daughter decided to recreate the scene and of course, I got a photo of it!  Oh…and I think I forgot to mention that it’s not unusual for me and my girls  to break into song at the drop of a hat.  It gets especially crazy when I’m with my sisters!  I love that this has carried over to my kids!

On our way out of the store, we passed the colorful Christmas trees again.  I remember our family having an aluminum Christmas tree when I was growing up in Puerto Rico.  My mother would put it on the marble coffee table and then place a four color wheel light next to it.  Well, now you can apparently get these trees in multiple colors!  My daughter found one in purple, her favorite color, and of course now she wants one.  The trick will be to convince her future husband that this is the tree for them!  This should be interesting…


Did I mention it was a fun day??!!!


More Tales of Talavera Pottery

After scoring the “Hey Lady” Talavera pottery vase, (see previous post), one of my biggest Talavera pottery scores came from Home Goods, right next door to my local TJ Maxx.

I went into Home Goods one day with a specific purchase in mind and it wasn’t Talavera pottery!  The first thing that I do in any store is walk down the clearance aisles.  On this particular day, I headed directly to the clearance aisle and I spotted the most glorious sight!  TALAVERA!!!  Lots and LOTS of Talavera!  And it was on CLEARANCE!


La Maceta Talavera pottery that I found on the clearance aisle at Home Goods for $16 and $12 respectively!

Unlike my first experience at TJ Maxx, when I didn’t grab a shopping cart for the “Hey Lady” vase, this time I walked swiftly and with great purpose to the front of the store and grabbed one.  A plus to this visit was that there were hardly any people in the store at that moment.  So, there I was all by myself, with a cart in hand and a selection of Talavera Mexican pottery so gorgeous that I didn’t know where to start.  I began looking over the pieces and carefully but eagerly selecting the ones I wanted.  I placed them ever to gently in my cart.  So many assorted colors and designs!  YES!  I felt like I was in Talavera heaven!

By now I had about 5 vases of different designs and styles in my basket.   I was trying to decide on a rather brilliant colored vase I was holding when I decided to put it back on the shelf and give it some thought.  At that same moment, a woman rounded the corner and began taking a great interest in what I was doing and what I had in my basket.


Talavera pottery finds from Home Goods.

Women: “Ooooohhhh!….what are those?”  Me:  “They’re Mexican pottery pieces.”  Women:  “Ooooohhhh!  They’re pretty!” (as she heads straight for the piece I was trying to decide on but stupidly put back on the shelf.)  Me:  “Yes they are!” (growing anxious and resisting the urge to grab the vase back off the shelf!)  Woman:  “So what would you do with one like this?” (…as she picks up the vase that I NOW WANT and begins admiring it.)  Me:  “Well, with that one I would probably either put a plant in it or use it in my bathroom for hand towels or… (I rattled on with other amazing uses for Talavera pottery while my brain is yelling for me to SHUT UP!)  Woman:  “Oh okay!” (as she places the gorgeous piece in her basket and I continue to talk – while simultaneously kicking myself for being so incredibly convincing about the uses of Talavera pottery!!!)  I still wound up with some incredible pieces that day that now grace the wall unit of my family room.


Small flower pot vase from Alba Talavera, Guanajuato, MX. Found on the clearance aisle at Home Goods!

TJ Maxx and Home Goods still get Talavera pottery pieces on occasion, but now I approach them cautiously and act disinterested so I don’t attract attention!   On a side note, my “Hey Lady” vase cost me $70.  On this day at Home Goods, I bought 6 Talavera vases from the clearance aisle for about the same price.  I definitely hit the jackpot that day!







Tall Talavera Vase – purchased on sale at Home Goods.


A closer look at the details of one of the Talavera vases.


Closer details of one of the Talavera pottery vases purchased on sale from Home Goods. This one reminds me of a dragon fly…

The Legend of the “Hey Lady” Vase

I LOVE TALAVERA POTTERY!  I’ve been collecting this style of pottery for years and I have a story about pretty much every piece I have ever purchased…but this is the story of my first Talavera pottery purchase.  It is a rather large vase that sits on the stairs of my foyer.  My kids call it the “Hey Lady” vase and this is “her” story.

My "Hey Lady" Talavera Pottery Vase from TJ Maxx.

My “Hey Lady” Talavera Pottery Vase from TJ Maxx.

One day many years ago, I went to our local TJ Maxx armed with a $50 gift card and determined to find some sort of treasure.  After browsing the home section for a little while, there it was – tucked away in a corner, just waiting for me to find it.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  It was as though light from the heavens began shining down on this beautiful vase, lighting the way for me.  This vase knew it would soon be making it’s home in MY home!  I approached it, turned it around and admired the beautiful colors and then thought to myself – this is a BIG vase!  Should I grab a buggy and come back?  Would I drop it on the way to the register?  Would someone else grab it while I went to grab a buggy?  Do I take that chance?  You know how it goes…the moment you show interest in something at a store, suddenly everyone around you wants what you have!  And of course, this is exactly what happened.  I noticed people around me watching, just waiting for me to walk away so they could scoop my vase up.  So right then and there, I picked up this huge vase, cradled it in my arms like a baby and started walking carefully through the store to the registers.

IMG_6748Along the way, no less than 3 people stopped me and asked “Hey, where’d you get that vase?”  Me – “Back in the home goods section, but I don’t think they have anymore.”  (I know, I checked!)  I finally got through the checkout line and was heading to my car, still amazed at all the attention this Talavera vase was getting, when I heard a woman yelling – “Hey Lady!”  I kept walking.  Again she yelled, “Hey Lady!” – louder this time.  I slowed down a bit, not sure…  Once again, “Lady!  Hey Lady!”  I stopped and turned, realizing this woman was yelling at ME!  So I said, “yes?”  Yelling woman – “Hey! Where’d you get that vase?”  I told her “TJ Maxx” and she RAN back into TJ Maxx as I added, “but they don’t have anymore!”

By now I was laughing pretty hard, as I got into my car to head home and find the perfect spot for my much coveted vase.  I couldn’t wait to share the story with my family and after much more laughter, the legend of the Hey Lady vase was born!