Breakfast With My Annie

It’s been a busy weekend…friends from out of town are here and we’ve made plans to spend time with them at Samford University’s homecoming weekend and later watch the Alabama football game.

This is also the weekend my daughter Anna Marie and her husbandRyan are in town from Colorado to attend a family wedding. We knew going into the weekend we wouldn’t get to spend a lot of time with them. In fact, I told Anna Marie not to feel pressured to see us because of all the wedding festivities. They are coming home for Christmas and spending 10 days and that will be here before we know it!

But Anna insisted and suggested breakfast on Saturday morning with us…and she requested French toast! I called my mother to come join us and Anna Marie showed up this morning right at 730 as she said she would.

It melted my heart watching her hug her daddy and not let go. She is such a daddy’s girl and I loved watching that until I almost started to cry. We sat around the kitchen table as Eddie finished up breakfast. He always cooks enough for an army.

Listening to her tell stories and banter back and forth with her sister was like old times. Only person missing was brother Charlie. That would have made the morning perfect. Anna tried to FaceTime him but couldn’t get in touch.

It’s not easy when your children move away…in this case, out of state. You miss them but you know they are making their own way and following their dream of living in Colorado. I try to give them space and not call or text too much. I know there’s a balance and I’m still searching for it. Some times I want to call every day to just say hello and check in! I’ll figure it out eventually. After this visit I may need to amp up the calls though.

It was good to see my Annie and have breakfast together. I’m thankful she insisted on breakfast and the French toast! Both were awesome! I can’t wait until Christmas!


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