Thanksgiving DIY Project

Finished DIY project - spray painted silver plated casserole holders.

Finished DIY project – spray painted silver plated casserole holders.

I’m staring down the face of a majorly crazy week so what do I do?  I embark on a DIY project!  Who doesn’t do that, right?  I mean, when I’m heading out-of-town on a trip, that’s when I think I can tackle a room renovation.  What’s up with that?  Whatever the reason, I tackled the project.  It wasn’t that difficult and I love the finished product!

When I was visiting my sister in North Carolina, we spent a lot of time thrift store shopping.  It’s safe to say its our favorite pastime and doing this together made it even more special. We are both drawn to different things and we both find the potential and the beauty in these “things” too.  In my case, I’ve grown to appreciate silver plated dish and casserole holders.  I especially love the painted ones we found at an antique/thrift store one day.  Such bright and cheery colors!

When I got home from North Carolina, I thought it would be fun to find a few of these silver plated pieces and do a little painted DIY project myself.  Of course, now that I was looking for them they were nowhere to be found!  Eventually I found a small one and then a week later, a round one.  This weekend I headed to Michaels for some Krylon spray paint.  I was a bit overwhelmed with all the colors available!  I settled on a shimmer metallic called candy corn.  I thought this color would be a terrific accent to my Thanksgiving table for both these pieces.

So this morning I washed the pieces, let them dry and then took them outside to spray paint.  I decided to spray paint the handle of the round piece first.  As the color went on I thought this wasn’t exactly what I thought it would look like.  I mean, the picture on the can had the color much darker!  But as I continued spraying, I really liked what I was seeing.  My daughter, Anna Marie was home this weekend and she commented that it was the “in” color for things these days.  She really liked the way they both turned out!  Actually, I did too!  They are more of a shimmer bronze than candy corn!

Krylon Candy Corn shimmer metallic spray paint. It turned out different than I expected but I'm pleased with it nonetheless!

Krylon Candy Corn shimmer metallic spray paint. It turned out different than I expected but I’m pleased with it nonetheless!

I’d have to say that this DIY project was a success!  I hope I can find a long casserole holder this week and make it “three” silver plated candy corn dishes!  We shall see!

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