Getting Organized…

My to-do list this weekend was rather long.  My main goal was to get my daughter’s room organized.  Since she got married in April, I’ve been slowly moving things it her room so I can use it for a photography room.  Unfortunately, I didn’t even step into the room this weekend!

Our Thanksgiving table is set!

Our Thanksgiving table is set!

Instead, I worked downstairs in the family room, kitchen and dining room.  It’s been awhile since I’ve pulled everything out of the cabinets and closets and reorganized!  In the process, I packed 5 boxes of “stuff” to drop off at The Salvation Army.  It just felt so good to reorganize so I kept going this afternoon.  I got all my Day of the Dead items returned to their storage spot in the basement and decided to pull all the Thanksgiving décor out.  I always love going through my decorations every year.  For Thanksgiving, I have a few special items I like to use every year.  In particular, there is a candle that my son Charlie made in Kindergarten that we put on the buffet every year.  There is also a prayer “cut-out” that my daughter Anna Marie put together one year.  There is a pilgrim couple and an Indian couple that my mother used to use every year when we lived in Chicago.  I’ve added those to my décor each year.  I still need to add the Thanksgiving tree.  It’s something we started several years ago where family members write what they are thankful for and put it on the tree.  I’ll explain more about this in a separate post.

Anna Marie's made this cut out craft prayer one year in grade school.

Anna Marie’s made this cut out craft prayer one year in grade school.

So, now the dining room table is set and decorated for Thanksgiving, although I’m not sure if we will be enjoying the table this year.  We are heading to my brother-in-law’s house in Jasper this coming weekend for the Odom family Thanksgiving celebration.  It’s a big transition year for our family with my daughter Anna Marie getting married in April and my niece Kate getting married in May.  My niece TJ also moved to Florida for a job opportunity.  So much transition in one year.  It’s exciting for these young people but also means we need to adjust our traditions to accommodate the newlyweds and everyone who has moved away.  Bittersweet is the word that keeps coming to mind…

Charlie made this Thanksgiving candle in kindergarten.

Charlie made this Thanksgiving candle in kindergarten.

On the bright side of reorganizing, I took our former computer cabinet and turned it into a bourbon bar for my husband!  I remember when we bought this piece of furniture…it’s a large and heavy piece and I loved the dark wood and storage it provided.  When we got rid of our desktop computer, it became a dumping ground for odds and ends.  It was driving me crazy so cleaning it out this weekend was liberating.  My husband sent a photo of it to a consignment store to see if we could sell it but meanwhile, I thought – wouldn’t this be a cool bar for his bourbon collection?!  I mentioned it and he loved the idea…so voila!  It’s now a bourbon bar!

Eddie's new bourbon bar created from our old compute cabinet!

Eddie’s new bourbon bar created from our old compute cabinet!

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving week when I’ll be off work and can really get some organizing done.  And Christmas decorating for me begins the weekend following turkey day!  Just in time for my annual Cookie Exchange party…more on that later!

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