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Frida’s Nail Polish and Lipstick – Part Two

My Frida Kahlo doll surrounded by “her” nail polishes and lipsticks.

Last year, right before Day of the Dead, I was browsing through Instagram when I spotted a photo of Frida Kahlo nail polish and I was intrigued!!! Or maybe I should say, I was obsessed! I had to find this polish and as it turns out, lipstick too!!! You can read about this more in my original post – Frida’s Lipstick and Nail Polish.

Last month, I got an email from a young woman interested in finding out more about the Frida nail polish and lipstick.  She stumbled upon my blog post and asked to interview me for an online magazine.  Again, I was intrigued…!!!  We set up a time to talk and I went into my original story and my search for the nail polish and lipstick from this icon in the Hispanic community.

As it turns out…the hunt for the nail polish and lipstick is secondary to the reason finding something that “belongs” to Frida is so important.  That became the focus of our conversation.  Frida has long been an icon of strength, perseverance and independence for many women.  So having a nail polish or lipstick with her iconic artwork or her portrait really seemed to be a way to capture this strength, perseverance and independence for ourselves.

Frida had a unique beauty.  Who doesn’t know about her “unibrow-?”  But even with a unibrow – something that was so defining for her but would have the rest of us reaching for our tweezers…she was mesmerizing to people.  I recall going to Atlanta’s High Museum a few years ago with a friend to view the Frida and Diego exhibit.  I could have stayed for days reading all the descriptions and going through all their art creations.  At the end of the exhibit there were photos of both Frida and Diego.  There was one though…Frida was in a white dress and leaning on a wall.  It was in black and white, of course.  I just remember I stood and stared at it for the longest time.  I had never seen this photo before and she was simply breathtakingly beautiful in this photo.  I couldn’t get enough of it…  And at which point I was saying to myself…”what unibrow?”

Having these different Frida inspired nail polishes and lipsticks seems to be a way to be a little bit  like “Frida” ourselves.  I was becoming fixated again…  So after the interview, I began wondering if I could find any more lipsticks and polishes at my local CVS.  As luck would have it…I found some that I didn’t already have!  So now, I think I have everything that was offered through CVS and that makes me very happy.  And…I have the pictures to prove it too!

Meanwhile…I’m keeping my eyes open to anything new.  Who knows?  Maybe there will be a line of eye shadows next?!


Frida’s Lipstick and Nail Polish

img_2313I was browsing Instagram few months ago when I came across a photo of Frida Kahlo nail polish and lipstick.  I did a double-take.  When was a line of Frida Kahlo make-up introduced, how did I miss it and more importantly, where could I buy some??!!!  I commented on the photo and got a response that these items were found at a CVS store in California.  My heart sank a little.  I mean, with the large Hispanic population in California I could see this being a popular line but why not in Birmingham too?  I mean, we have a large Hispanic population too!  Granted, not to the level of California but still…  Artist Frida Kahlo is iconic with the Mexican population, especially around Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos celebrations.  (I’m working on a post about Frida that I’ll post soon!)


I was only able to find two lipstick designs at the Homewood store…I may need to check around and see if there are others!

So I grabbed my laptop, typed in Frida Kahlo nail polish and lipstick and the search directed me right to CVS.  There I found several color options for both the nail polish and lipsticks and better yet, iconic paintings of Frida and some of her artwork!  Now I knew I HAD to have these!!!  Ordinarily I would have just ordered them all online but that wasn’t an option.  There was, however, an option to search for a store that carried these products.  So I entered my zip code and found several stores right in my area.  Now I was getting excited!  I wrote them down – all within a 10 mile radius – and began my hunt.  At the first store in Homewood, I walked all over looking high and low.  The big name cosmetic brands all have their designated space in the store, so I knew I wouldn’t see these there so I figured it would be a small display off to the side or on the very top of the shelves.  No luck there.  Crossed that off the list and headed to the CVS in Cahaba Heights.  Once again, no luck and by now I was losing faith that I would find them.  I went to one more store in Homewood and again…nothing.  Maybe the product hadn’t landed in the stores yet?  Maybe I was a bit ahead of the shipment?  I really don’t know the answer to those questions.  I was disappointed but then decided I really didn’t “need” the products – I just “wanted” them – and so tucked it out of my mind…temporarily.

About three weeks ago I ducked into the Homewood CVS to pick up a few items when I noticed a small display of sample products in front of the cash registers.  I’m such a sucker for sample sized products so clearly my attention was peaked and as I browsed, there they were…several colors of the Frida Kahlo nail polish and several of the lipsticks too!  I couldn’t believe my luck!  And the colors are so vibrant and beautiful too!  I picked up two of each and on a return visit two weeks later, I picked up one more nail polish.


The color and photo on this nail polish bottle are striking!

Honestly, I think I love these more for the artwork than the actual polish and lipstick…they are just so darn cute!  But I did go back onto the CVS website and this time found several great reviews on the products so maybe I was a little ahead of the shipment after all.  One person said she would put the polish up against OPI which I thought was quite a compliment.  The lipstick was also given high marks.

I’m hoping this isn’t a one-time offering and that I’ll be able to find these again next year, or better yet, online!  I guess time will tell.  Meanwhile, I’m loving the fact that they were created at all and happy I was able to find these here in Birmingham!

Love the names of these lipsticks!

Love the names of these lipsticks!