Sugar Skull PJs, Nick & Nora and Target

This is the time of year when I break out my Day of the Dead sugar skull PJs!

IMG_7282I saw these adorable and Nick & Nora Brand PJs at Target several years ago and fell in love!!!  Had to have them…but…could only find a size small nightgown at my local Target.  Well, I don’t know about you, but I HAVE to have a lot of room in my PJs and so a large is my preference…even an XL feels good to lounge around and sleep in and be comfy.  So, I hit up every Target in the area to find a larger size of these cute PJs.  And at the time, that was about 3 stores total!

I eventually found a medium gown and bought it.  Much to my surprise, at my annual cookie exchange party, my sweet friend Denise Koch gave me a sugar skull gown as a Christmas gift!  She said she saw it at Target and immediately thought of me!  So score for TWO sugar skull gowns!!!  (I have such great friends!!!)


IMG_7284The next year, Target carried sugar skull PJs again.  This time coordinated pants and tops, and of course, I went to all the stores looking again.  My husband even got into the act and would stop at Targets when we were traveling out-of-town to help me look.  That year I even found Sugar Skull slippers!

I’ve accumulated quite a few gowns, pants, and tops over the past few years, and in addition to being quite comfy, they are very colorful.  I always see someone wearing these PJs at the Bare Hands Gallery Day of the Dead festival in downtown Birmingham each year.  So…it’s clear I’m not the only one who loves this design and theme!

Target hasn’t carried them for several years now…probably because Nick & Nora label hasn’t made them in a while.  Maybe they are taking a brief break and will come back with a new design one day soon.  I’m hopeful!!!  Would love to see a new design to add to my collection!  Plus, a few of mine are starting to show a little wear!  Fingers crossed for next year!


4 thoughts on “Sugar Skull PJs, Nick & Nora and Target

  1. Leigh Crutchfield

    I have a pair of these pajama pants I found at a local second hand store a few years back. They pretty much match the jacket and bag that I wear to Dia De Los Muertos observances. Love them! Just noticed the Nick and Nora signature in one of the skulls after all of this time! They are pretty tight on me, though. I wish they made them in plus sizes!

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    1. Southern Señora Post author

      Leigh – I am always on the lookout for DOD clothing! I really do hope Nick and Nora will regroup and come back with a new DOD design for next year. Maybe a letter writing campaign would help? Seriously…my pjs are really starting to show their wear!


    1. Southern Señora Post author

      They used to be carried by Target and are by Nick and Nora. I haven’t seen the line there for a few years now. Not sure what happened to it?!! I have seen the design being sold on ebay and etsy though. You might want to check there!



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